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Experience - vvdi bmw v1.5.0 with 1.3.0 database  


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04/04/2020 2:51 pm  

what's tested on vvdi bmw v1.5.0 with 1.3.0 database:
-make dealer key from cas4 eeprom - no ( sw bug- app crash)
-add key via obd on cas2 - ok
-coding on F series - no (same thing - app crash )
-make dealer key from ews4 eeprom- ok
-coding on e60/e60 - no (can't read FA/VO from cas)
-change cas3 km in eeprom file - ok
-change km in clsuter 35080 eeprom dump -ok
-reading dtc E series - works in any other language besides engilsh just for a sec than somehow they dissaper from screen

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