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Best tool of BMW mileage adjustment  


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15/04/2020 2:46 pm  

Here, talk about the best tool to correct mileage in BMW from 2000 until at least 2010.


Xprog is a universal programmer for various chips in automotive and many more…

R270/260 is based most on BMW and MB immo systems+dashboards+some have function for erase 35080/35160 chips too…

both are very good programers and you need them both in this business..


1 tool is not enough
R270 have the advantage to clear m35080 eeprom
R260 is more safe in MCU
Xprog is a good tool for many chips and mcu
all are Chinese
if you can pay more, i suggest you to buy vvdi prog. it covers the most ECU types and works perfect! 


Among ecu programmers, vvdi prog should be the best choice because

  1. faster to clear 35080, 080D0, 160D0 (within 10S)
  2. more stable than Xprog-m to read MC9S12 series chips
  3. faster to attack MC9S12series chips
  4. less error than others to read some EEPROM that Orange 5 fail to recognize
  5. with voltage attack function for use
  6. with CAN bus, K-Line for use