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bonus point? what's for?  


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15/04/2020 1:50 pm  

The bonus point is the gift from Xhorse when you buy some Xhorse tools.


Here’s the list of items coming with bonus points:


1. bonus points from xhorse remotes

Item Bonus Points you will have
Xhorse Wired Remote 25
Xhorse Wireless Remote 40
Xhorse Super Remote 40
Xhorse Smart Key 60

That is, if you buy Xhorse keys above, bonus points will come to you.


2. bonus points from VVDI MB 

VVDI MB bonus points differ from that thru remotes.

200 MB bonus points = 1 token for VVDI MB Tool

The token can be used for online password calculation!


The bonus points can be used for:

– copy transponder 48 96 bit using mini key tool, vvdi keytool or vvdi2 (100 points is required for online calculation)

– OBD copy transponder 48 using vvdi2 (100 points is required for online calculation)

– generate Toyota H chip (100 points is required unless you use VVDI super chip)


Also, you can use your bonus points for some Xhorse tools or authorization in Xhorse App – SHOP, incl. tokens for VVDI MB Tool


Note that: VVDI MB bonus points can ONLY be used for tokens exchange!



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